About us

Our aim is to affect the most cost effective, simple and transparent support for your business and its metal recycling requirements. We are able to supply an extensive range of containers for your onsite material storage at no cost to you. We will be pleased to utilise your on site weighing facilities if you have them available. Alternatively we will use a public weighbridge nominated by you. We of course have our own certified weighbridge facilities that can weigh material in one, two, ten or twenty kilo increments. We are of course regulated by trading standards.

Our service is designed to be flexible to accommodate your businesses optimal recycling opportunities. We can offer a 24 Hour, 365 day a year service contract.

All aspects of our business are fully audited and you can be assured of a comprehensive paper trail from gate to gate. We are fully regulated by the Environment Agency and HM Govt. We hold all the relevant licences for the transportation, processing and recycling of all scrap metal materials. This is your guarantee that you will be complying with your duty of care obligations.

We can also offer secure disposal/recycling services for sensitive materials.

Our methods of payment are also fully flexible and our commercial discretion is assured.
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