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Metals Recycled
Premier Metal Recyclers trade and recycle virtually every grade of scrap metallic material that is non ferrous. The following list is not exhaustive but merely indicative. If your material is not specifically listed, rest assured we will trade and recycle it nonetheless.

  • Copper Scrap - We are market leaders in Copper scrap trading. We buy all commercial scrap grades including copper cables. We also trade Copper Master Alloys, Nickel Copper alloys, turned material, hybrid Copper Alloys and slags and residues.

  • Aluminium Scrap - Our extensive range of Aluminium trading once again encompasses all commercial scrap grades. Primary and secondary quality grades. Turned material and Aerospace grades are a specialty.

  • Brass Scrap - The Thorne Group have long been renowned as experts in this area. We buy all commercial Brass Grades either in solid or turned or milled form. New production sheet scrap or billet scrap is always sought. We have extensive requirements for Gun Metal and Phosphor Bronze scrap arisings. Enquiries for material in ingot form are also encouraged. Aluminium Bronze and Silicon Bronze are also traded by us.

  • Stainless Steel - We have many trading partners for this material either as volume or niche suppliers. We can recycle material either in solid, cutting or turned form. We will also trade Chrome Iron material. We grade our materials very carefully to achieve best value for ourselves and our partners. Does your current outlet differentiate between low and high carbon grades?

  • Aerospace and High Value Alloys - Our secure premises and market knowledge make us ideal partners for these materials types. We are leading traders and recyclers in Titanium Alloys, Cobalt Alloys, High content Nickel Alloys and High Speed Steels. Our financial security is your guarantee with this high value materials.
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