Merchant trading

Premier Metal Recyclers and H L Thorne & Co Ltd are always pleased to make new trading partners from within our own sector. We value our independence and it is this independence that ensures you and your company are treated with respect and as valued, individual suppliers.

We offer you easy access, fast turnaround and a range of payment terms and methods to suit you. We can accept materials delivered to our Oldbury site or we can trade on a collected basis. Our non marked vehicles ensure our discretion and give you confidence that our presence on your site is discreet. We buy all non ferrous grades and no load is too small, or indeed too large. Our funds are secure and we have the capacity to finance the largest of trades.

You can be assured of our experience and expert knowledge. We offer consistent pricing and are always willing and able to trade. We know how important consistency is to our merchant partners. Our advice is always available to assist you in your business. Our philosophy is to build long term relationships based on mutual respect.
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